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Kavanaugh is still a hot-button topic and this time he’s on the wrong side of the law with a sexual assault¬†allegation. It doesn’t mean he’s in legal trouble, but he’s not judging someone else…he’s now being judged. The allegation came from Christine Blasey Ford and is 30+ years old. She has sought medical help for this matter and came out to Senator Feinstein this summer.

This is an important case. It has become a partisan issue that should not exist as a partisan issue. People are willing to confirm Kavanaugh and ignore this completely. People are also willing to crucify him and focus solely on this. Listen in to see how we should address this situation.

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Sponsor a DACA Recipient

In light of the immigration drama this week, the upcoming episode highlights this DACA recipient. Isaac is on his way to medical school and DACA folks cannot get loans. At a minimum, share this out to help get word out to help fulfill a Dreamer’s dream. https://www.gofundme.com/medschooldreamer