Welcome back to the PFA podcast. Thank you to those who returned and welcome to those who are new. We’re excited about our new 2019 season. This is going to be a great year across the board and we’re looking forward to spending it with you discussing the political landscape.

Right now the government is shut down and Trump is fighting for his wall against the Democrats doing everything to keep it away from him. We broach this topic and more as we attempt to make sense of it all. The Presidential Address video was attempted, but the conversation got so good we just moved on from trying to review it.

This episode is split into two parts. We hope you enjoy and engage in discussion.

Show Notes

  • Border Wall
    • “CBP spent about $2.3 billion to deploy fencing from fiscal years 2007 through
      2015 and constructed 654 miles of fencing by 2015.”

      “In addition, CBP spent approximately $2.4 billion from fiscal years 2007 through 2015 to deploy
      tactical infrastructure, including about $2.3 billion on fencing, at locations along the nearly 2,000 mile long southwest border.”

      “From fiscal years 2007 through 2015, CBP spent approximately $2.4 billion on tactical infrastructure on the southwestern border—and about 95 percent, or around $2.3 billion, was spent on constructing pedestrian and vehicle fencing. CBP officials reported it will need to spend additional amounts to sustain these investments over their lifetimes. In 2009, CBP estimated that maintaining fencing would cost more than $1 billion over 20 years. CBP used various fencing designs to construct the 654 miles of primary pedestrian and vehicle border fencing.”

      “From fiscal years 2010 through 2015, CBP recorded a total of 9,287 breaches in pedestrian fencing, and repair costs averaged $784 per breach.”

      Progress and Challenges with the Use of Technology, Tactical Infrastructure, and Personnel to Secure the Southwest Border
      – March 2018
    • Snopes.com: FACT CHECK: Did Illegal Border Traffic Drop by 90% in Areas Where Physical Barriers Were Expanded?