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In this episode, we have the opportunity to sit down and discuss education with Michael Love, Assistant Superintendent of Career Readiness in the Houston ISD. We jumped feet first into disparities among schools in high vs low-income areas, money in education plus how it may or may not affect results, and even found time to dig into the voucher system. It is a great episode with a solid amount of content.

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Michael Love Bio

Michael Love is the Assistant Superintendent of Career Readiness at Houston Independent School District (HISD). He has 12 years of experience in education and program development with an extensive background in research and workforce leadership. In addition to nine years at HISD, he served three years as research faculty in the College of Education at Florida State University. Mr. Love holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in school psychology from Florida A&M University.

Sponsor a DACA Recipient

In light of the immigration drama this week, the upcoming episode highlights this DACA recipient. Isaac is on his way to medical school and DACA folks cannot get loans. At a minimum, share this out to help get word out to help fulfill a Dreamer’s dream.


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