Welcome back to the PFA podcast. Thank you to those who returned and welcome to those who are new.

In this episode, I touch on a topic I’ve wanted to broach for a while: leaving a legacy. It means different things to different people and I give what it means to mean. Of course, as can be expected, I touch on the political aspect of leaving a legacy as well.

This is largely about the Bland Family legacy since our reunion begins this evening and finishes on Sunday. That is not to negate my maternal family in any way. I’m just amped about this weekend so touched on those aspects.

What does leaving a legacy mean to you both politically and personally?

Sponsor a DACA Recipient

In light of the immigration drama this week, the upcoming episode highlights this DACA recipient. Isaac is on his way to medical school and DACA folks cannot get loans. At a minimum, share this out to help get word out to help fulfill a Dreamer’s dream.