Welcome back to the PFA podcast. Thank you to those who returned and welcome to those who are new.

In this episode, we catch up after taking a week off. A lot has happened and so much happened we were only able to briefly discuss last week’s Peter Strzok testimony! We finish off last week news with a look at Papa John’s founder John Schnatter’s terribly tough time being waterboarded into using the N-word in a company meeting. Just kidding…the agency he hired “forced him” to say it. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Trump/Putin Summit took over the airways this week, but was the response an accurate representation of the gravity of the situation? What do you think? We spend the majority of the time breaking down both sides of this.

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Sponsor a DACA Recipient

In light of the immigration drama this week, the upcoming episode highlights this DACA recipient. Isaac is on his way to medical school and DACA folks cannot get loans. At a minimum, share this out to help get word out to help fulfill a Dreamer’s dream.


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BlessedBeatz.com had a great interview I had to pub. Check it out!

News Reporter Isiah Carey is famously known for the “Bug flying in the mouth during report” CLASSIC VIRAL Video. Find out the story behind why he was originally out there plus find out where he is now and learn other major news stories that he has been a part of.

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