Episode 43 [LIVE]: MORRRRE Tariffs, Weed, and Bipartisanship on Birth Control

Welcome back to the PFA podcast.

Could we really see AOC and Cruz work on a bill to address birth control? It is one of the things we mentioned last week as a solution to the abortion controversy.

Weed is legal, but could you lose your job over it or not get hired by testing positive? Yup…well…at least not in Nevada anymore.

Trump is yet again pushing tariffs and touting it as income from a foreign source. That’s not true by any stretch of the imagination. It is an outright lie and we, yet again, explain why with an added bonus of a look at the debt and deficit under this “conversative” leadership.

We end with Jon Stewart going after Congress in a way we all should when it comes to making sure they do their job. The video is worth a watch!